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  Huaying Pipe Elbow co.,Ltd.Domestic production is a professional grade stainless steel tube of Health and hardware products as one of the modern enterprise, is capable of producing a small number of high domestic Health-precision components and metal products pipeline in one of professional manufacturers. Since the establishment of the company, will continue to assimilate the advanced technology of the essence. Use Automatic and semi-automated production processes, is one of the few domestic enterprises. All the different products in accordance with the finish, materials and industrial standards. Such as the ISO, DIN, BS, IDF, SMS and 3 A, such as production, products widely used in dairy products, food, beer, beverages, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, cosmetics and other industrial fields, the Technology are leading to the international level.

  Year of ’excellence’ brands, the tree a good reputation and the integrity of the service is operated by purpose. We always attach importance to product quality, always adhere to high-quality materials, advanced industrial technology, and always according to strict production standards and quality assurance system perfect combination, strive to provide the best customer, the best products, in the face of strong Market competition, Huaying Huaying with the concept of professional perseverance, Huaying enthusiastically and improve after-sales service for the industry to make more and better fluid better products, Huaying all employees with full confidence, waiting for you.



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